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Booking Terms & Conditions

Date issued: January 2024

Notice of Changes: Business Registered Address

39 Violet Way

Holmes Chapel



The following terms and conditions are provided to give all our “clients” full clarity to manage expectations. Please read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions.



In this document, the following expressions have the following meanings:

“We”, “Us” or “Our” means Arch Publications.

“Client’(s)” means the person or company who accepts a verbal or written quotation from us for advertising.

“Publication(s)” means our current publication titles of The Villages Mag, Go Local Middlewich, Go Local Sandbach and Beartown Voice.


Bookings & Payments

1.Booking confirmation email

  • This is to provide a formal quote of the “clients” requested booking(s)

  • It is not a guarantee of inclusion in “our” “Publications”, until the Booking Contract is created as per the terms below.


2. Booking Contract

  • The “client” Booking Contract for inclusion in the agreed “publications” will begin on the issue of the first invoice.

  • The “client” agrees to settle the first invoice by the due date to ensure inclusion.

  • All reasonable efforts will be made by “us” to contact the “client” to settle the invoice by the due date, however if settlement has not been made by the due date or final copy deadline (whichever is sooner) for booked “publications”, the “client’s” advert will be removed, however the invoice will still be valid, and settlement will be sort through all reasonable means.

  • If the “client” fails to supply or approve designed artwork by the final copy deadline, the advertisement will not be included in the “publication(s)”, however the invoice will still be valid and settlement will be sort through all reasonable means.

  • If the “clients” booking attracts a discounted rate due to future booking requests, as defined in the ”client’s” booking confirmation email, then the issue of the first invoice to the “client” is agreement to continue as per the Booking Confirmation and forms the Booking Contract.

  • “We” reserve the right to remove the “client’s” advertisement from “publication(s)” if payments are late or missed in all subsequent bookings after the first booked “publication(s)”

  • The booking contract may be terminated by the “client” upon giving one month’s notice.

  • If a “clients” booking attracts a discounted rate due to future booking request, as defined in the “client’s” booking confirmation email, but the “client” cancels before completing the agreed booking contract, “we” reserve the right to invoice the difference between any discounted rate charged and the full published prices retrospectively for all insertions.

  • Payment terms change requests. “Clients” can request changes to the payment terms, any such request can be made after first invoice has been issued and settled, the requests will be considered by “us” and any changes would only take effect, if agreed, on written confirmation by “us”.

  • “We” reserve the right to terminate the booking contract with immediate effect if the terms and conditions are not met by the “client”.

  • If the Booking Contract is cancelled or suspended by either the “client” or “us”, then restarted, “we” have the right to charge the appropriate rate based on current published prices/card discount structure at the time of rebooking.


3. Payments

  • For regular ongoing payments, “our” preferred method of payment is by direct debit. The “client” can also pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card. Current payment methods and terms are clearly stated on all invoices.

  • All bookings can either be paid in full, monthly or per edition.

    • If paid monthly, “we” will take a debit or credit card for the first payment. Subsequent payments will be taken by direct debit on or around the 18th day of each month.

    • If paid per edition, then it is the “clients” responsibility to setup a direct debit, make debit or credit card or pay by bank transfer on time.

    • Payment is defined as “cleared funds” in “our” account(s)

  • Unless otherwise stated all such charges and prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.


4. Debt Recovery

  • “We” reserve the right to pass outstanding invoices to an appointed debt recovery service provider.

  • “We” reserve the right to claim statutory interest at the current Bank of England base rate + 8%, such interest shall be paid on demand by the “client”.

  • We reserve the right to claim for the costs, charges and expenses of debt recovery, such fees shall be paid on demand by the “client”.


Advertising & Artwork

  • “We” accept no responsibility for claims made by “clients” advertising.

  • All advertisements are accepted by “us” on the understanding that they are copyright free. This includes any images, logos, photos, trade logos, clip art or any other content that is used in the advert. It is the “clients” responsibility to acquire any necessary permission for the use of any images, logos, photos, trade logos, clip art or any other content that is used in their advertisement/editorial/article/any other content.

  • It is the “clients” responsibility to check the advertisement and ensure that it is correct. No responsibility will be taken by “us” for any errors subsequently identified (i.e. after copy approval). It is the advertiser’s sole responsibility to supply new artwork or advise of or request changes to artwork by the relevant copy deadline.

  • Advert copy should be submitted in hi-res PDF or JPG (min 300 dpi) format. Advert copy will not be sent for approval if the “client” supplies their own artwork. No responsibility can be taken for the print quality of any advert supplied at a lower resolution. These files may be re-sized to fit the appropriate space.

  • If the advert copy is in MS Word/PPT/PUB/Excel format or similar, “we” will convert it into PDF format as supplied and insert it into “our” “publication(s)”. “We” will email the “client” the pdf for approval as often adverts designed in Microsoft or other software can distort/discolour. It is the “clients” responsibility to check the advert at this point and ensure it is correct before approving for print. Even with this approval process “we” cannot guarantee the advert will not distort/discolour when printed.

  • “We” retain copyright of all artwork designed by “us” until all invoices have been settled in full. “We” will submit final copy of any artwork created by “us” for proof reading and approval. Thereafter the “client” will accept full responsibility for the content.

  • The positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of “us”, except where a specifically requested placement has been agreed.

  • “We” give no guarantee of the level of response to advertisements/editorial/articles, etc.

  • “We” shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason the advertisement is not published.



  • These terms and conditions are valid from the date stated above. “We” reserve the right to update the terms and conditions. “Our” website will contain the most up to date version.

  • When any change(s) is/are made by “us”, “we” will make all reasonable efforts to inform existing “clients” and those terms will form the contract of all future bookings.

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